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Nothing excites us more than inspiring and nurturing music for all ages. We guide beginners to professional level and to achieve diplomas from recognized institutions.

Registered under the Ministry of Education (July 2013), our experience and passionate teachers is there to guide you

Fundamental Guitar Class

Fundamental Guitar (approx. 12 lessons or 3 months)

In the Fundamental Guitar Class, students will learn notation reading, basic guitar techniques, and simple chord strumming to your favorite songs. This is probably the most important as it sets the foundation to understanding the guitar before progressing into higher levels. Instructors and students will set the pace together to ensure that the progress is optimal.

Topics covered:

Notations   - first position ie at least two octaves over the fingerboard

Chords       - basic of major, minor and 7th chords

Repertoire  - music of today such as Ed Sheeren (eg Perfect), Shakira (eg Try Everything), Bruno Mars (eg Count On Me),  Alan Walker (eg. Faded)