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Since 1994, Tomas Music Consultants Pte Ltd aims to promote and enrich the Singaporean and regional music scene by organizing International Festivals, Competitions, Masterclasses and Seminars.

We also provide Guitarists, Pianists, Strings Quartet, etc. for performance, functions, and different genres of musical entertainment.



Coming Events

I) VCM Examination                         # postpone due to COVID-19

ii) Ukulele Seminar by                      Colin Tribe                                   # postpone due to COVID-19                                                      III) Flamenco Seminar                       9 - 10 May 2020                                                                             IV) Flavio Cucchi Concert                  # postpone due to COVID-19

# futher notice will be announce 


Past Events 











I)   SYLLABUS Classical GuitarBass GuitarUkulele, BanjoTraditional PianoPop PianoSelf-Accompanied / Singing , etc.                              II)   FEE                                        III) APPLICATION                   IV)  CLOSING DATE:                           10 February 2020









NAC-AEP Programs

NAC-AEP: EXPOSURE                 I)  Singapore Niibori Quintet      II) Singapore Ukulele Quartet    III) Latin Musicians                    IV) One Guitar                              V)  Two Guitars To Tango          VI) Guitar Trio                            

NAC-AEP: EXPERIENCE             I) Be An Accompanist With Ukulele in 8 Lessons                  II) Learn To Play Ukulele in 10 lessons                                      III) Play Guitar In An Ensemble