Welcome to Tomas Music
Consultants Pte Ltd


Since 1994, Tomas Music Consultants Pte Ltd aims to promote and enrich the Singaporean and regional music scene by organizing International Festivals, Competitions, Masterclasses and Seminars.

We also provide consultation for performances, workshops and seminars.


       “Viva la  Singapore Festival!” Juan Martin, Spain


       “A wonderful impresario – Thanks You” Carlos Bonell, UK


       “Yeah! One of the best Festivals! Ever! Thank you so much” Benjamin Verdery, USA


       “Tomas Music Consultants - With many thanks for a great festival and wonderful time. Keep                                                                                                                  Going” Hucky Eichelmann, Germany


       “I had a lot of fun. Thank You” Greg Smallman


       “Tomas Music Consultants ….. You Are Great!”  Krzystof Pelech, Poland


       “Thanks so much for the invitation and the fantastic time spend here”                                                                                                                                                Jeremy Jouve, France


       “um grande abraco”  Christina Azuma, Brazil


       “Great Experience!” Elena Casoli, Italy


       “Lots of Thanks for the wonderful week” Maria Isabel Siewers, Argentina


       “Great Festival” Rick Smith, USA


      “Tomas Music – BRAVO!” Michel Haumont


      “Thanks Tomas Music for all your wonderful hospitality and all” George Lowden, Ireland


       “Thank You so much for the invite” Thomas Leeb, Austria


       “Thank you so much for inviting me to Singapore and is a pleasure meeting you”                                                                                                                                Manuel Barrueco, Cuba


       “con affetto e ammirazione” Flavio Cucchi, Italy


       “Thanks For All” Oscar Guzman, Spain


       “Tomas Music with Affection and Admiration for your work” Carlos Bonell, UK


       “Tomas Music – Thank You for the wonderful stay in Singapore” Muriel Anderson, USA


       “Tomas Music with Great Affection!” Manolo Yglesias, Argentina


       “Thanks for everything. I have enjoyed every minute here”                                                                                                                                                                           Alexander-Sergei Ramirez, Peru


       “To Tomas Music Consultants, thank you for the great organization” Flavio Cucchi, Italy


       “To Tomas Music Consultants – Best Wishes” Jorge Morel, Argentina


       “To Tomas Music Consultants – with much success!” Paul Fischer, UK


       “Thanks & Congratulation for a Great Festival” Joseph Henrique, Spain


       “I enjoyed your festival and your hospitality” Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Brazil 


       “A very happy concert” Juan Monroy, Chile


       “To Tomas Music, With Friendship” Stefano Grondona, Italy


       “A Great Job” Dr Larry Francis, Singapore


       “...Oh ya, we attended the concert organised by Tomas Music....we really enjoyed                                                                                                                                ourselves...they have done a Great job!..”  Tan Siew Hong, Singapore