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Since 1994, Tomas Music Consultants Pte Ltd aims to promote and enrich the Singaporean and regional music scene by organizing International Festivals, Competitions, Masterclasses and Seminars.

We also provide Guitarists, Pianists, Strings Quartet, etc. for performance, functions, and different genres of musical entertainment.


José Enrique Ramírez

José Enrique Ramírez, son of José Ramírez IV, is the fifth generation of the José Ramírez luthier family. At the age of 17, he entered the Ramírez workshop as an apprentice together with his twin brother Francisco Javier. Together, they built their first classical guitar which is now part of the Ramirez collection.


José Enrique is now working fulltime in the Ramírez guitar workshop. Together with his sister Cristina, they will be the next generation of managers of José Ramírez House.