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Franco Morone (Italy)

Concert by Franco Morone

Date    : 15 December 2013, Sunday

Venue : RELC International Hotel (Auditorium)

Franco Morone, one of the great names on the international guitar roster, is widely regarded as the "Italian Poet of the Acoustic Guitar". A gifted handcraft who composes and arranges fascinating melodies. Franco has one of most identifiable sounds of anyone playing fingerstyle guitar today. He mesmerizes audiences with his technical prowess and intricate tapestry of sound. His unique arrangements and exquisite touch reinvigorate traditional Celtic and Italian melodies, embodying an evocative power to transport the listener to new and unforgettable places.

All the musical genres like blues, jazz, Italian and Celtic fingerstyle, he treated them with extreme competence, showing the best way to arrange on the acoustic guitar. His original compositions and traditional arrangements are refreshing; old melodies are reborn under his fingers. 

Franco’s performance exerts a powerful charm, filled with extraordinary feeling and sensibility.


"Morone’s intonation is perfect and although his chops are monstrous, they never distract from music" 

- Jude Gold, USA


"boredom is simply not part of this...songs are so clear and filled with energy that listening is pure delight"
- Jazz Dimension, Germany

"This versatile artist travels through the blues genres with heart on his sleeve. He’s an interpreter, not a clinician, but his technique is impeccable...Make this soulful journey with Morone and your soul will be the wiser."
- Teja Gerken - Acoustic Guitar


Flowers from Ayako - Franco Morone - Back to My Best