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Since 1994, Tomas Music Consultants Pte Ltd aims to promote and enrich the Singaporean and regional music scene by organizing International Festivals, Competitions, Masterclasses and Seminars.

We also provide Guitarists, Pianists, Strings Quartet, etc. for performance, functions, and different genres of musical entertainment.


8th International Guitar Festival 2008 (Singapore) & 4th International Guitar Competition

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Artistes Invited

1. Paulo Bellinati & Cristina Azuma (Brazil)

2. Angel Romero (Spain)

3. Jeremy Jouve (France)

4. Andrea Dieci (Italy)

6. Bernard Malliot (France)

7. Enriquez Castillo (Cuba)

8. Rick Smith (USA)

9. Dr. Robert Liew

10. Cairnhill Niibori Guitar Ensemble (Singapore) 

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